About our studio

About our studio


Our Awesome Story

Bespoke Fitouts has been creating innovative exhibition booths, providing a complete design plus fabrication for its client’s in GCC. We are an international company with international clients and flavors of design.
Bespoke Fitouts is your full service design agency for exhibitions in Dubai, Abudhai Oman and all of GCC, also serving its clients internationally in Germany, Russia, UK, India and the United States, working hard to realize the needs and objectives of both existing and new clients.
Our aim is to provide world-class exhibition stands and maximize the effectiveness in the event.
We aim for the highest standards in our design, construction, in our relationships and manner of work.


What we do

  • Ideation
  • Designing
  • Executions



Our Skills

Our team takes over everything, from an idea and concept development to realization. We believe in traditions and incorporate them within our innovations. All our projects incorporate a unique artistic image and functional solutions. Client is the soul of the project. Our main goal is to illustrate his/hers values and individuality through design.









Jawad Yehia

Bespoke Fitouts respects the client’s budget and schedule, and at the same time provides cutting edge design.  Their designs incorporate a high level of creativity to give the client a space that they can be proud of, and that works for their business needs.

Mohamed Faisel

Bespoke Fitouts has a keen ability to sift through and compile their client’s desires, because they understand how to immerse themselves in the project experience. What they have designed for our companies is more than the sum of all of our meetings,


Our Timeline


Founded in 2014, Bespoke Fitouts has locations in Oman, Dubai, AbuDhabi, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kenya, and South Africa. Our global network of “renaissance teams” includes more than 10 architects and interior designers who generate ideas that have a profound and lasting impact.

At Bespoke Fitouts, we value the diversity of every individual and seek to harness their unique skills in the pursuit of design excellence. We constantly cross-pollinate ideas, experience and technology to create the best design solutions for our clients.

Our work reflects a passion for the spirit of our age. Engaged in an iterative process of interaction, investigation, critique and evolution, we create elegant, timeless solutions that mature gracefully. In partnership with our clients, we design award-winning projects that make a lasting contribution to our communities.